Automotive Ethernet Interoperability Tester

The Automotive Ethernet IOP Tester provides an ideal test solution for ECU interoperability testing according to TC8 v1 and TC8 v2 of the OPEN ALLIANCE

The Automotive Ethernet Interoperability (IOP) tester verifies ECUs for interoperability with other ECUs for Layer 1, based on (100BASE-T1/1000BASE-T1). It offers an open application programming interface (API) and is therefore easy to integrate into existing test systems. Users can create their own tests and test sequences. Measurements of link-up time, signal quality and cable diagnosis belong within the scope of testing.

Test Labs: Automotive Ethernet Interoperability Tester

Basic Functions

  • 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach) test interface fully compliant to “ECU and Network Test, Test Specification ECU” by the OPEN ALLIANCE
  • Regulated power supply and wake-up of DUT for measuring starting period
  • 100BASE-TX connection for access on diagnosis over 100BASE-T1 testing interface
  • Serial interface (RS232) for remote access
  • Test modi 1 to 5 for PMA test

Advanced Functions

  • Cable model frontend for simulation of interferences
    • Ground
    • Near and far end open
    • Near and far end short
    • Increasing and decreasing channel quality via motor potentiometer

Link-up Time

  • Link-up time - Trigger: power on golden device
  • Link-up time - Trigger: power on ECU
  • Link-up time - Trigger: wake-up ECU

Signal Quality

  • Indicated signal quality for channel with decreasing quality
  • Indicated signal quality for channel with increasing quality


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