Competence in Data Bus Systems from Ethernet/IP, MOST and CAN to USB

The basis for in-car data communications are adequate data bus systems. Therefore, the comprehensive expertise on data on-board networks is an essential part of the core competency of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. With our profound knowledge and our longstanding experience only we manage to transfer the complexity of the technologies and the interaction of different network technologies in particular into a robust data communication. In the process, we also utilize our wide treasure trove of experience on new and future technologies. The following network technologies are part of our portfolio:

Comptences: Data Bus Systems


RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS is a competent partner in the definition and validation of Ethernet solutions for carmakers and suppliers. Special attention rests on the assessment of migrating the standard of carrier systems into the automotive world. Our customers profit in particular from our competence at the Physical Layer, the middleware as well as from the adaptation of existing systems into reliable, robust and automotive-ready solutions.

Our service portfolio includes training for automotive Ethernet and the design of architecture and system specifications. In addition, we provide support for the development of Ethernet, AVB, and TCP-IP software as well as for the design of hardware for different physical layers. Furthermore, we offer a broad service spectrum ranging from requirements engineering over test specifications and the design of test setups to the implementation of unit, system integration, and compliance testing.


The experts of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS are pioneers of the MOST Technology. From the beginning we were part of the definition process and development of MOST and essentially helped form the standard. As a test house recognised by the MOST Cooperation, we are responsible for compliance tasks and a trend-setting member of the 'MOST Compliance Technical Group' (MCTG). We have experienced first-hand the impact of the development of most different on-board network architectures and successfully realized numerous projects for system specification and system integration at OEMs and suppliers worldwide.


CAN is considered an important connection of the infotainment domain to other network worlds, such as body control, motor control, diagnoses and flashing. Part of the activity portfolio of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS is the requirement analysis for load scenarios with focus on programming of control units. Additional test tasks for CAN data on-board networks are gateway situation and network management.


Implementing USB in the automotive world is also part of the RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS expertise. The problem here is that the user connects all sorts of consumer devices to the in-car network with USB and naturally expects perfect functionality. As not all consumer devices are compliant with the technical requirements, seamless connection may get very complex. Here we bring our experience and competently consult and verify down to realization of such use cases. For this, we generate recommendations and guidelines for a robust integration in cars. Additional services are hardware design reviews, physical layer compliance measurements and protocol analysis.


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