Scalable Test Environment TTsuite for Test and Simulation

With TTsuite, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides users with an easy-to-use platform, allowing them to carry out tests and simulations of varying complexity. This tool is based on the standardised test description language TTCN-3 and uses the GFT-format (Graphical Presentation Format of TTCN-3) for defining, visualizing and documenting the tests. With TTsuite it is easy to describe and carry out new test scenarios. Moreover, test routines can be used not only to carry out tests, but also as test specifications. A powerful plug-in concept allows a trouble-free extension for customer-specific solutions.

Easy Operation with Large Functional Range

By means of the language specialized for test development, the realization of test sequences becomes efficient and also easily readable for laypersons, even when complex scenaries have to be executed. For the analysis of received data, an underlying mechanism allows the decoding of data and a comfortable comparison of target and actual in a professional manner. In doing so, the translation of an on-board network data bank’s preset data structures plays an important role. The test development itself is again simplified by the Test Development Kit (TDK) designed by RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, allowing an effective entrance into test projects.

Test Adaptations for Automotive

TTsuite supports a large bandwidth for automotive bus systems like CAN, MOST and Ethernet. Systems can be automatically generated from the following standards types:

  • MOST Function Catalogs(DTD)
  • Fibex (XML)
  • IDL
  • ASN.1
  • Protobuf

For communication based on Automotive Ethernet, the following protocols are at hand:

We perceive the development on customer request of test suites as a major benefit for individual solutions for development accompanying testing.

Test Lab Solutions: TTsuite User Interface


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Detailed information can be found here: TTsuite (PDF)

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