Task Force Takes over the Competent Development of Ongoing Problems for On-time Project Success

With a Task Force, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, in urgent cases, composes a project group of competent specialists to quickly and professionally lead projects with a critical project to success. Typical missions are the requirement for quality, robustness and functionality within the topics of car infotainment, telematics and driver assistance (ADAS).

Project Team in Action

Our Task Force starts its mission by diagnosing problems and fixing priorities for the development of solutions. Next, soft- and hardware reviews and the reproduction of erratic behavior will lead to additional awareness for required optimizations. If the hardware design or the software architecture has to be improved, we will directly support the customer in the development. For the elimination of single error images, we offer professional support. After a successful project closes, the goal of the Task Force has been reached and it is dissolved.

Engineering Services: Task Force

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