Software Engineering for Test Solutions

Professional, object-oriented design is the cornerstone of software engineering by RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. This particularly applies to PC-based test systems. Basic architectures and frameworks are realized in-house by our engineers. We design the software based on C, Java, Windows and Linux. We provide our detailed knowledge on parsers and converters of automotive on-board network banks and protocols like MOST FCat, Fibex and CANdb, based on XML, XSLT and DTD.

Competences: Software Engineering

Test Automation and Customer-specific Test Development

For the design of test automations and customer-specific tests, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS designs the assured high efficiency and quality in close coordination with the customer. Part of it is the development of automations for complete laboratories in the test levels of the physical layer, network, system, application and networked telematics services. We also create tests on customer-specific test frameworks using TTCN3, Java, Python, C++, C# and additional programming environments.

Competences: Software Engineering


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