Definition of Design Rules for Interface Descriptions
Setup of design rules for the creation of Automotive Ethernet interface descriptions considering existing process and tool environments. ... more
Design of Static Interface Definitions for I&K Functions
Design of static interface definitions in an I&K environment based on functional and architectural specifications and considering bus system technologies and architectures. ... more
Automotive Ethernet Training
Design and Presentation of Automotive Ethernet Training with theoretical and hands-on sessions using customer specific information, process descriptions and tools. ... more
Development of Dynamic Interface Definitions for ICT Functions
The development of dynamic interface definitions in the field of ICT, due to functional and architectural parameters, as well as use cases and scenarios. ... more
Review of Automotive Ethernet-based Specifications
Review of automotive Ethernet-based specifications in order to identify gaps and discrepancies in the specifications. ... more
Concepts for the Realization of an AVB Architecture for Automotive Applications
Adaption of the AVB technology into the field of automotive electronics (AVA) ... more
ADAS Multi-Function Camera HiL
The development and construction of a HiL test platform for an ADAS multifunctional camera system and of the support required to enhance the user’s ability to work independently with the HiL test platform. ... more
Validation of iOS- and Android-based Apps in Vehicle On-board Networks
Design validation for new applications and the connection of third-party applications in the vehicle on-board network. ... more
Validation of Telematics and Assistance Services
The validation, accompanying the development, of the functionality and stability of in-car Over-the-Air services. In addition to confirming the functionality of the systems being designed, all existing telematics systems, which provide updates from a server, should be tested. ... more
Automotive Ethernet Interoperability Tester
Development of a test system for the verification of the interoperability of automotive Ethernet ECU according to the OPEN ALLIANCE "ECU and Network Test, Test Specification ECU". ... more
AVB Endpoint Simulation
The development of an AVB endpoint simulation to display specific AVB behavior, to emulate specific error patterns, and to verify the timing behavior. The AVB endpoint simulation can be used to validate switch semiconductors and switch ECUs, for example, in order to exactly measure the precision of time synchronization. ... more
Assessment of VCSEL Semiconductor Technology
Assessment of VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Diode) Technology for use in future optical automotive Gigabit networks ... more
Operator Model for the Validation of Infotainment Systems, Telematic Services, and ADAS Content
The development of test specifications and test laboratory solutions for the infotainment, telematics services, and ADAS sections of the data on-board network and the delivery of the test results per level of integration. ... more
GAP Analysis - Ethernet for Automotive
The identification of requirements, potential problem areas, and gaps in specification, when Ethernet is implemented as a technology suitable for in-car networking, using experience from the implementation of new technologies in the automotive field, as well as evaluations already completed. ... more
Validation of an Automotive Ethernet Switch from FPGA to ASIC
Development and execution of an automotive Ethernet switch test process, which characterizes the switch for automotive applications during the prototype stage. ... more
Safeguarding a NLU Speech Control
Design verification safeguarding NLU functionality of speech control and the automation of that protection. ... more
Test setup MOST Core Compliance
Development of test setups that enable the automated execution of all defined tests of "MOST Core Compliance” test specifications. ... more
Test Setup Extended MOST Core Compliance: MHP
Development of test setups that enable the automated execution of all defined tests of the "MOST Extended Core Compliance Test Specification: MOSTHigh”. ... more
Test Setup MOST Extended Core Compliance Test: ECL
Development of test setups that enable the automated execution of all tests of the "MOST Extended Core Compliance Test Specification: ECL" (Electrical Control Line). ... more
Driving Experience Control: Validation of Effect Chains
In order for driving experience controls (eco, comfort, sport, sport+) to function trouble-free, several ECUs for different development sectors such as drive, chassis, and infotainment have to work together. The task was to create a cross-functional validation concept and execute the resulting tests in order to validate the functions of the driving experience control along the complete effect chain. ... more
Validation of Web-based Telematics and Assistance Services of Old Vehicle Series
The objective was to test in-car, over-the-air services for functionality and stability in the course of development. Besides confirming the functionality of systems in development, updates on the server should test all series telematics systems. ... more
Activity Detector for MOST150 cPhy: ADM
The aim of the project "Activity Detector for MOST" (ADM) was the development and production of a tester for monitoring data communications in a MOST150 cPhy duplex mode network. ... more
Test Setup: Instrument Cluster Elements
Instrument cluster elements have to be security-critical and display legally required notifications reliably in all languages. The task was the design of an automation process to test actually displayed graphic elements. ... more
Customer-induced Software Updates (CISU)
Customer-induced software updates (CISU) have to be coordinated, specified, and validated for both series ECUs and ECUs in development. Updates function via USB and over the air. ... more
Log & Trace Concept for Automotive Ethernet
The task was to create a measurement technology concept for an overall system containing switched Ethernet as an additional network technology. Subtasks included observing different application scenarios ranging from the complete vehicle to a singular ECU test station. ... more
Log & Trace
Tracing functionality of all infotainment ECUs in development has to be ensured. ... more
Test Setup: Cell Phone Customer Function
The continuously rising number of available cell phones and software updates involves the testing of interoperability with different vehicle series in order to enable them with updates and bug fixes over the air (OTA) or by USB, where appropriate. ... more
Remote Test Racks
The objective of the project was the remote control of test racks in any destination country. The preferably fully remote controllable platforms should reduce the growing number of test racks in central development divisions and save expenses for extensive country-specific testing. ... more
USB Hardware Test and Validation
Validation of signal compliance of several USB hardware interfaces for medical technology ... more