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TSN/A Conference

Exhibition on September 26-27, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany
Presentation by Jörg Angstenberger: Advanced Methods for Automotive AVB/TSN Analysis on System Level on 27 September 2018 at 14:45-15:15

IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day (E&IP@ATD)

Exhibition at stand 2 on October 9-10, 2018 in London, UK


Press Releases

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The Ethernet Live Monitor identifies the according errors in the live stream and triggers the data logger.

Data Logging: Intelligently and Efficiently

21 February 2018 • Ethernet Live Monitor by RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Optimizes Error Analysis in Real Time
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Wolfgang Malek is General Manager and Co-Founder of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS

Avnu Alliance and Ruetz System Solutions Announce First Authorized European Test House for AVB / TSN Standards

29 September 2016 • Ruetz System Solutions to become lead partner in Avnu Alliance interoperability and conformance testing outside the United States.

MTCM for MOST150 coax physical layer testing

MTCM for MOST150 Coax Physical Layer Testing

20 April 2016 • RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Introduces MOST Tester Cable Model as New Extension for Physical Layer Stress Test Tool
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IOP tester from RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS tests ECUs for interoperability

IOP Tester for Ethernet ECUs

9 March 2016 • RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Tests ECUs for Interoperability
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RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides the first compliance verification process for Ethernet ECUs

First Compliance Verification Process for Ethernet ECUs

3 February 2016 • RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Performs Implementation of OPEN ALLIANCE TC8 Test Specification
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RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Expands Testing Business to China

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Expands Testing Business to China

13 May 2014 • Cooperation with HiRain Technologies to Support Chinese Carmakers and Suppliers in Automotive Data Communications
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RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS is the first test house for Automotive Ethernet and Protocols Compliance Testing

First Compliance Testing for Automotive Ethernet & Protocols

9 April 2014 • DaaKs Has Accredited RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS for Ethernet Test Scopes According to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
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Enhanced test system TTsuite 1.3.0 for seamless IP protocol based testing of automotive data communication

Seamless IP Protocol Based Testing of Automotive Data Communication

23 April 2013 • RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Presents Enhanced Test System TTsuite 1.3.0
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With the acquisition, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS becomes most comprehensive supplier of MOST Compliance Tests

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Aquires MOST® Business Unit of Relnetyx AG

2 April 2013 • Comprehensive Assessment Methodology Qualifies for Approval by Car Makers
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The new website reflects the enhanced portfolio for automotive data communication

Qualified Data Communication in Vehicles

20 March 2013 • RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Enhances Service Portfolio to Include All Available Communication Technologies
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Automotive Test House as a Service

Test House as a Service Expanded by Operator Model

21 August 2012 • RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Provides the Validation of Infotainment and Telematics Systems
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Test scenario example

Test System TTsuite Expanded for all MOST® Speed Grades and Physical Layers

29 Mai 2012 • RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Optimizes Test Automation of Data Transmission in MOST Networks
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RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Completes Compliance Test of MOST® Control Devices

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Completes Compliance Test of MOST® Control Devices

6 March 2012 • MOST Extended Core Compliance Test Verifies Signal Traffic for the Electronic Control Line (ECL)
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RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Introduces 'Test House as a Service'

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Introduces 'Test House as a Service'

21 November 2011 • Complete Test Laboratory Solutions for On-site Operation at Carmakers and Suppliers
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